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The following terms and conditions shall apply to the customers of TKRJ (“the Site”, hereafter) for smooth shopping. When purchasing products on the Site, it is assumed that a customer will agree with the terms and conditions for the purchase; therefore, a customer is required to carefully read the contents before shopping.

1. Order placement

1-1 Because we carry out the ordering procedures up to delivery on the basis of customer’s order information from the order form, please fill out the form carefully.

1-2 We will check a product inventory based on customer’s order information. If there is a stock, a customer will receive “Order confirmation (acceptance of order)” by mail from the Site. When receiving the order confirmation, please proceed to Payment procedure. On the other hand, if there is no stock, a customer will receive “Order cancellation” by mail from the Site. The Site shall make a decision of order processing, cancellation processing, and settlement processing. Customers will agree to comply with the Site’s decision for the above-mentioned ordering procedures.

1-3 In the mail of “Order confirmation”, it describes product available for delivery, product price, shipping fee, and payment procedure. When a customer makes a payment for product, it will be deemed as an acceptance of the product order contents.

1-4 Please make a payment within one week after receiving the order confirmation. If we do not receive the payment within the period, the order will be canceled accordingly.

1-5 We may be unable to ship our products on the Site to specific countries due to technical reasons or import/export permission. In such a case, we might have to cancel customer’s order.

1-6 Quantity of private import may have a limitation depending on the country. When finding a restriction on private import, we might contact you for split delivery.

1-7 Order placement on the Site will be limited to a purchase for personal use only. In case of a large quantity order, we will contact the customer as temporarily suspending such order.

2. Payment

2-1 We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB) and Paypal for product payment. If credit card company refuses the payment due to insufficient funds or unauthorized use, the customer’s order will be canceled.

2-2 The prices on the Site are shown in Japanese Yen. In each page of detailed product information, prices are shown in US dollar at the current exchange rate for customer’s reference or convenience, but an exchange rate used by a credit card would be different depending the specific timing to reflect an exchange rate.

2-3 Additional fees may be imposed on customs clearance in customer’s country, in such a case, the customer must pay for the additional fees. Thus, please pay the fees directly to a delivery agency or customs at the time of the package reception. Since the import tax policy would vary from country to country, we request a customer to contact customs office in his/her country for more details.

2-4 Payment by credit card will be completed when a customer completes the credit card payment procedure.
In case of order cancellation with any reason, we shall refund the payment amount in Japanese Yen. Yet, there may be a difference between the amount we refund and the amount a customer receives due to the exchange rate applied by the credit card.

2-5 A separate fee for payment settlement overseas may be required depending on a credit card company. If unfamiliar with such separate fee, please contact with a credit card company for more details.

3. Shipment

3-1 We will send a mail of “Shipment” when a product shipment is completed.

3-2 It will take approximately one week from a payment confirmation to a product delivery. However, because the number of delivery days might be different depending on delivery country/area, please refer to the standard of delivery period (Delivery date table (EMS: Kinki) ). Yet, product delivery can be delayed due to various circumstances such as customs clearance, delivery country/area, transportation condition, or natural disaster.

3-3 Please contact us if you do not receive a product even over 30 days after shipment. After investigating the situation or circumstances with a shipping company, we will refund the payment amount in accordance with the investigation results.

3-4 Product delivery will be carried out by Japan Post Co., Ltd.

3-5 The product ownership will be transferred to a customer when we hand over a product to a shipping company.

3-6 Our responsibility for product will end at the time of product shipment. We will not be responsible for any missing product/accident by a shipping company. However, in case of a trouble for product reception, we will provide a support for problem solution.

3-7 A shipping company will require a reception signature by customer at the time of product delivery. For that reason, a shipping company can not deliver a product to post-office box or private mail box.

3-8 If delivery can not be made due to incorrect address or refusal of product reception, the product will be returned to our company. In such a case, we will refund the payment amount after deduction of product return processing fee (30%), treated as a product return with customer's personal preference.

4. Cancellations and Returns

4-1 Cancellation
After the order is confirmed, you cannot change the order details or cancel the order.
Please confirm carefully before placing orders.

4-2 Products return and replacement policy
If anything is wrong with the product we delivered, we will accept a replacement or return of the product only when all of the below conditions from (1) to (3) are met:

(1) There is any problem with the product we delivered, such as the deficiency in quantity, delivery of wrong items, and apparent external defects (breakage and rust, etc.), and we recognize such problems.

(2) We are informed of the defect described in (1) above within one month after delivery of product.

(3) The product is unused and only in the original unpacked packaging.

Products return is accepted only when TKRJ is informed within one month after delivery as well as in either of the following cases.

(1) If any defect was found in the product we delivered

(2) If the product we delivered is different from the one you ordered
Guarantee shall be either of the following, and TKRJ shall not liable for any amount excess the sales price of the product.

(1) Replacement (If we have the product in stock)

(2) Refund (If we do not have the product in stock)

4-3 In case of refund, we will pay the amount in Japanese Yen.
However, the amount your receive from our company would be different from the amount you paid due to the applicable exchange rate used by a credit card.

5. Quality

5-1 Quality guarantee range
The content and time period of the quality guarantee for the product offered on this website are limited within the range of the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the relevant product. The guarantee shall equal the sales price of the relevant product on this website.

5-2 Products outside the quality guarantee
The following cases are not included in the warranty:

(1) If a member resold the product to third parties

(2) In the case of failure or damage due to carelessness or improper handling

(3) In the case of failure or damage due to use in combination with other products

(4) In the case of natural disaster, fire, environmental disruption, hazardous material, war, abnormal voltage, use of the other power supply (voltage and frequency) than the one we designate, and defects or damage due to external factors.

6. Tax, custom duty, and import restriction

6-1 Additional fees may be imposed on customs clearance in customer’s country, in such a case, the customer must pay for the additional fees. Thus, please pay the fees directly to a delivery agency or customs at the time of the package reception. Since the import tax policy would vary from country to country, we request a customer to contact customs office in his/her country for more details.

6-2 Since procedures for product import are executed by the authority of customs in each country, we are unable to manage or control customs formalities. In addition, if you need detailed information for customs regulations/provisions, please contact custom authority in each country.

7. Personal information protection

7-1 The range of personal information acquired by the Site shall be limited to the minimum amount of information only used in the business operation. We will not use such personal information beyond the acquisition purpose as following the agreement with customers. Furthermore, we will not provide any personal information to a third party without prior permission from customer.

7-2 When acquiring personal information from customer, we will obtain the information after gaining approval from customer through a notification of the acquisition purpose.

7-3 The purpose to utilize personal information from customer will be strictly limited to the essential service provisions voluntarily used by customers and the enhancement of customer convenience on the Site.

8. Security

8-1 The Site uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer) for a page to enter customer’s personal information. With such security system, customer’s important information will be communicated after being encrypted. Thus, customers certainly can use the Site with an easy mind.

8-2 Please note that we will not be responsible for any damage to customers or a third party in case of natural disaster, wether, system trouble/hacking caused by wrongful acts such as unauthorized access, or other unexpected circumstances.

9. Product price, product information, and stock status

9-1 Because product prices on the Site are influenced by currency exchange rate and market environment, the prices can be changed on a constant basis.

9-2 We continuously make efforts to maintain information accuracy for product description or other items. However, it does not guarantee that every information on the Site would be constantly updated as the latest information or error-free condition.

10. Disclaimer

10-1 If there is a damage to customers or a third party by using the Site, please note that we will not be responsible for any damage unless related to the sales contract.

10-2 Any product purchased from the Site may not be re-exported to customer’s country due to regulations of the country.

11. General matters

11-1 Any product order placement on the Site can be canceled by our discretion.

11-2 In the event of transferring the business operation involved with the services on the Site to another company, status on the service contract, rights/obligations based on the guideline, and customer information including registered matters shall be transferred to the assignee while customers shall agree with such transfer arrangement beforehand in this paragraph.

11-3 Even if a part of specific articles/provisions for the Site is determined as inappropriate, it shall not affect on all the articles/provisions to be invalid.

11-4 The copyright of images/pictures and descriptions on the Site shall belong to our company. It is strictly prohibited to copy, reprint, process, or other usages without permission.

11-5 The terms and conditions shall be changed for further improvement without announcement to customers.

12. Respect for the customer rights

12-1 The terms and conditions aim for providing high-quality services on the Site. Thus, they shall not infringe the customer rights.

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